Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I'm not only posting this pic because imma HUGE fan of Pharrell, I'm also posting this pic because the bulletproof Moncler jacket he's wearing is dope!!!! This jacket was actually as my status last year and on my christmas list last year, I actually couldn't find where i can purchase the jacket so i couldn't get it... BUT now colette.fr will be selling the jacket tomoro!!!!! I just hope my mom will allow me to wear it... if not i'll have to get anotha one of Pharrell's Moncler or remain w the one i already have!!!!


ilsteviewonder said...

looks dope! hope you get it! :)

CGBlogger said...

It definitely looks dope!

Its kool too!


pharrel is hot and that bulletproof jacket kinda looks trendy too.



Queni said...

Check out his blog for more pics about this ;-)

I like it very much
I am thinking about getting it also!