Monday, May 31, 2010

New York

Since today is memorial day and I live in new York. I feel like I should show some pics of the big apple! There always seem to be someone drawin new artwork in union sq after it rains! Union sq park 14st

more NYC after the jump

 Then we hav baskin in robin in the uptown area. I actually had this Oreo icecream for the first time this week! In the downtown area we have coldstone
 Also downtown we have the shopping area of 5th avenue and soho                                                                                

 Also in new York we have somewhere in brooklyn.. I actually don't Noe wat part of bk I was in while takin these pics! I was in de car!
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Panda said...

Your blog is so awesome, its not even funny! Great post :-)
Ad thank you so much for helping me reach 300 followers, and writing such sweet comments!
Panda xx

rachel said...

lovely pictures!
and I SO wish I lived in new york, you have noooooooooo idea!
anyway, nice blog :-)
much love, rachel

michelle_ said...

that oreo sundae ice cream looks soooo good !
i wish am in new york !

M I N G said...

I love New York! LUCKY!

Makeup by Kim Porter said...

It's always cool to find a fellow new yorker's blog! New follower

this is my blog:

you can find me on youtube too!

Joellen said...

I wish I lived in NY, the last photo looks delish!

Jade Jupiter said...

nice pictures. u should makem bigger. but i wish i lived in newyork.

Jesson Balaoing said...

nice post, like it

Taj Acosta said...

These are great pictures! Thanks for the lovely comments too ;) following you now xoxo

Jesson Balaoing said...

nice post...