Friday, April 16, 2010

Highlights of Today

Well... Today i had a half a day and got my report card... all A's and B's... I rewarded myself with a new Bape shirt and a kidrobot bag... LoL that really put a whole in my credit card... lol yes I have a credit card... and i just got it for my birthday last saturday... APRIL 10th lol... anywho after i went shopping with my friends i went to the Salon... I know YAY!!! but not really my allergies were killing me, and i had to sit under the dryer for more than a hour with a runny noise... Tourcher... tHen after that i came home to spring cleaning... Time to put away the winter clothes in storage and take out the Spring/ Summer clothes.... All my clothes can't fit in my closet when my family is a shopaholic.... But we don't shop as much like the girl from the Shopaholic movie.... Lol... Now i'm here writing on the blog before i take this allergy medicine and Knock Out...
~~ La Couture (Tiara)

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